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How it works

Closed Network

Freee creates a closed network for you and your business partners and can support as many devices as desired.

Blockchain Encryption

All forms of communication are encrypted using Blockchain encryptions, ensuring that your data is stored nowhere and your privacy is protected.

GSM Connectivity

All forms communications are facilitated with 4G connectivity, without the use of GSM technology.

Custom Apps

The user has access only to the communication applications preinstalled on the devices.

RedPhone VIP Benefits

Safe Device

360 privacy: All devices used during the evolution of the RedPhone VIP go through a series of security checks, to ensure that there are no security gaps that could put the user at risk.

Safe Operating System

All applications used by RedPhone VIP are exclusively developed and preinstalled on the device by the Freee team. The device does not offer its user the ability to connect to the Internet or install third-party application that could create vulnerabilities to the operating system.

No-log policy

All data from your communications is encrypted with state-of-the-art encryption during transmission, and then it is stored nowhere. No one can steal your data when it doesn't exist.


RedPhone VIP is uniquely designed to perform the basic functions of a regular phone while also providing an easy and secure line of communication. The custom made applications are extremely user friendly, and the device is ready to be used as soon as it is received.

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